Wadi is a Business-to-Consumer shopping platform. If you are a manufacturer, a brand owner, a retailer/reseller, a franchise holder, a distributor, you can sell on Wadi. Anyone selling new and genuine products is welcome. In order to start selling, you need to have the following:

  1. Internet Connection: You need to have a proper internet connection and basic computer knowledge to be able to manage your sales on Wadi
  2. Trade license and ID: When selling specific categories, we would need the required trade license and ID verification for legal purposes, this will insure that you’re allowed to sell them in your country.
  3. Verified Email Address: We require that you verify your email address before getting onboarded and in order to start listing your products, as we will communicate all your account’s information on it.
  4. Shipping location: The procurement team (or courier) will use the details of this location in order to pickup your orders and deliver them to the customers. Please note that you will require to verify the mobile phone number used to contact this location.
  5.  Bank account: You need a valid bank account so you can get paid for the products you sell on Wadi.com.